Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Sympathies....

Too many recent deaths....bits and scraps of Gelli prints from selvages and punched pieces.

A bit of glue.

Some cardstock.

A rubber stamp or two.

Scraps punched and glued

Woven scraps

Groupings of pieces

These are actually really fun cards to make.  What is so great about these Gelli Prints is that there is so much color and flow in the layers of paints and stencils.  Some of the punched pieces were tiny works of art all on their own!

Look at all the pattern/color in these selvage strips (sorry for the shadowed photo).

I keep noticing this purple strip.  It's really a small piece but there is so much pattern in the paint.  
These pieces are all like my kids!

Stay tuned!

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