Saturday, June 1, 2013

Can't. Stop.

Carla Sondheim, this is all your fault.  I kept thinking of how to tweak color combos....and since I had a few more sheets of paper left....well,  I pulled some quick prints.
 Needs more work...that white spot really stands out.
 Almost done.....this one is fun--maybe my favorite from this grouping.
 Like this's almost there....
 The flame effect was from rubbing the brayer up and down in a strip of paint on the plate.

 Another too big white blob right in the middle...but there is hope.  I think.

 Very "blocky"
Not sure where this one is going....a wash, perhaps?  Will need to move to the next level soon....can't keep making more of these (on the other hand...maybe I can....... they are so much fun!
This particular print was a "clean the plate" pull after layers of paint had built up.  Love love love this!

Almost out of hot press paper, so this will come to a stop.  Next stop: embellishment.  Stay tuned....

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